Today is National Pet Day

The humans will forget.  They always do.  I, however, will not forget.  I am an elephant–wait.  No.  Not that.  Nevertheless, I do not forget such important things as National Pet Day.  Where is my velvet cushion?  Where is the red carpet to said cushion?  Where is my crown of catnip and my squeaky  mouse?  Why do I not have a bowl full of fresh salmon and chopped chicken?

I’ll tell you why.  The humans.  Even if they did not forget, they will not do anything.  They are selfish, horrible creatures.  In fact, I know Kaye.  She will spend the day spreading papers all over the living room floor while she reorganizes and files away no longer needed papers for their taxes.  But, I will make my presence known.  Yes. I will remind her that she should not forget.  And you know what?  That’s the best part of all.

She won’t even know it’s a reminder.  She’ll just recognize my evil genius for what it is.  Life is sweet.  Even without a velvet cushion to shred.

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  • Grace

    Happy National Pet Day! Little kitty Purrlock, if you were my feline, you wouldn’t have any claws left to shred pillows, cushions, sofas or anything else. You are way too hard on Kaye. Perhaps if you would learn The Golden Rule, you and she could have a very amicable relationship. Think about it. In the meantime, I will give some extra love to my furbabies to celebrate the day. They both love their mommy and are pretty well behaved. The only thing that gets me upset with their behavior is their barking.

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