Introducing a New “PlanNerd!”

We have a winner!  Yes, we do!  My super-scientific random choice process produced a winner!  What is that process?  Well….

I close my eyes.  I scroll down from the top of the post.  I scroll up.  And down.  And up (I use the arrow keys with eyes closed. I promise those eyes are closed).  I scroll some more.  For the better part of a minute I’m up and down.  SOMETIMES that means that I actually have to do it again because I end at the top of the post.  But the “rule” is that the post at the top of the page (even if it’s just the last line) wins.  Well, this time what you see is pretty impressive.  It’s a CLEAR winner with no guilt for me whatsoever.  (I always hate it when I cant’ see a name at the top and can see a name below it).  Look at that screen shot.  Beautimus.


Thanks to all who participated.  I’ve got another planner coming my way to share with you guys.  Kaye’s all about decluttering her time, right?  😀  So, if you didn’t win this one, keep watch for another one!  😀


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