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Today is National Pet Day

The humans will forget.  They always do.  I, however, will not forget.  I am an elephant–wait.  No.  Not that.  Nevertheless, I do not forget such important things as National Pet Day.  Where is my velvet cushion?  Where is the red carpet to said cushion?  Where is my crown of catnip and my squeaky  mouse?  Why do I not have a bowl full of fresh salmon and chopped chicken? I’ll tell you why.  The humans.  Even if they did not forget,

Kaye’s “To Do” List

Kaye is on another rampage.  Oh, yes.  It’s almost February of a new year, and that means freak-out time.  So, I stole the list.  The majority of it is typical–mundane even–but I got a kick out of some of it and thought you might enjoy it.  Here goes: Kitchen: Scrub cabinet doors Scrub inside of cabinets Scrub inside of drawers De-junk kitchen utensils–again Figure out why we own a corkscrew when we don’t drink wine Scrub counters Eradicate appliances from

She’s at It Again…

The woman has issues, okay?  I don’t know how else to say it.  After taking her family–who am I kidding?  After taking ME for a ride on her de-cluttering kick, breaking her foot, then going nuts with the planning stuff, you’d think she would have learned. Ha.  She’s decided that this year is the year of the “Resolutions.” Who does she think she is?  This is still the same woman who did that for the first five years of marriage–and

On the Seventh Day of New Year’s…

It was New Year’s Day. Okay, so that’s stupid, but I’m kind of freaking out. They’re all asleep and acting weird.  I don’t know what’s up.  I was going to share another book, but I think it’s just encouraging her.  So, today starts yet another year in her crazy life.  I’m scared at what’s coming next.  Oh well.  Then again, I saw a cart full of stuff leave today. Seriously!  She spent a whole year getting rid of stuff, but

Kaye’s New Year’s Resolution

De-clutter her time wasters.  Chuck the things that clutter her life and use the time necessary for those things that she does want more effectively.  How is she going to do this?  Well, a couple of ways, but she’s starting with this FREE Household Organizer.  I think she can dream on, but it’ll freak her out a bit and that’s always entertaining. So, I say nothing.  Well, and I say nothing because I can’t speak human.  Stupid language BTW. Today,

Clutter-less Christmas

It’s that time of year.  Torture-mus–I mean, Christmas.  That time of year when they put all kinds of stuff all over the place to torment and abuse me.  Yes, I say abuse.  Yes, I went there.  What else would you call that time of year when they put out stuff that I can’t touch for fear of being banished to Siberia the back yard?  Elementary.  Torture-mus. I thought we’d get a reprieve this year.  I mean, with all her “de-cluttering”

Clutter, He Purred…

Welcome to De-cluttering Junkie. There.  I said it.  Happy?  I’m here to make sure everyone gets the torture help they need.  Kaye has given me a bad rap, but I’m just your above-average, happy cat. She’s going to tell you how to get rid of that stuff you never needed in the first place you no longer need and embrace a life not ruled by things that don’t matter anymore.  She might even help you make a few dollars off