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1 Planner Giveaway and 3 Free Tips to Using One!

Links on this page may be affiliate links. So, the story goes like this.  Once upon a time, an author wrote about a gal who had clutter issues.  But… she just couldn’t let things end with removing the extra kitchen gadgets and clothing from their home.  No, this author is cruel–heartless. So, she added crafting to the gal’s repertoire.   That wouldn’t have been sooooooooooooooo bad but… um… the author found this planner. Erin Condren makes fabulous planners that are sooooooo

Confessions of a Planner Junkie

I’m–er, I mean, Kaye’s at it again.  In the planner community, people have been chattering about these cool new Recollections planner inserts that you can get at Michaels.  Well, we live about 90 miles from the nearest Michaels, but i managed to find them on a trip out of town a month ago.  They didn’t have two of the options (Budget and Fitness) but I got the rest to check out.  Okay, wait.  That’s not totally true.  There was one

Flash Giveaway: **Winner Chosen**

It’s no secret that I love planners.  So, when I found out that one of my favorite stamp companies, Papertrey Ink, had a new planner come out in February, I decided to try it.  I mean, if I loved it, I could give away my Plum Paper Planner, and if I didn’t, I could give away this planner. Well, I do love the planner.  I really think it’s a fabulous design.  I love the features it offers–particularly daily pages.  I