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Introducing a New “PlanNerd!”

We have a winner!  Yes, we do!  My super-scientific random choice process produced a winner!  What is that process?  Well…. I close my eyes.  I scroll down from the top of the post.  I scroll up.  And down.  And up (I use the arrow keys with eyes closed. I promise those eyes are closed).  I scroll some more.  For the better part of a minute I’m up and down.  SOMETIMES that means that I actually have to do it again

Today is National Pet Day

The humans will forget.  They always do.  I, however, will not forget.  I am an elephant–wait.  No.  Not that.  Nevertheless, I do not forget such important things as National Pet Day.  Where is my velvet cushion?  Where is the red carpet to said cushion?  Where is my crown of catnip and my squeaky  mouse?  Why do I not have a bowl full of fresh salmon and chopped chicken? I’ll tell you why.  The humans.  Even if they did not forget,

She’s at It Again…

The woman has issues, okay?  I don’t know how else to say it.  After taking her family–who am I kidding?  After taking ME for a ride on her de-cluttering kick, breaking her foot, then going nuts with the planning stuff, you’d think she would have learned. Ha.  She’s decided that this year is the year of the “Resolutions.” Who does she think she is?  This is still the same woman who did that for the first five years of marriage–and

3 Quick and Dirty Steps to De-clutter FAST

Look, I’ve read all the books.  I know all the “right” methods.  I know about the three-box system:  Donate, Put Away, Toss.  I know about putting things in boxes in a shed for 3-12 months with a date on the box and then tossing on that date if you haven’t needed it by then.  I know about working clockwise or counterclockwise through a room, touching each item only once.  I know all the tricks.  Trust me. My problem?  I don’t

Oh, a Woman Who Gets It!

So, I was reading blogs tonight while Jacob was watching some sitcom that I had absolutely no interest in.  That’s the great thing about laptops. You can sit  next to your hubby, curl up, kick push the cat away, and enjoy your own thing while still bonding.  That’s important stuff right there.  Anyway, I found this fabulous blog by a gal in Australia.  Jacob saw it and groaned, but thankfully the TV sucked him back into the stupid humor vortex,