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Stuff and Nonsense: AKA “Craft Supplies”

I can’t be the only one.  Unlike Kaye, I don’t have a streamlined craft selection of only what I will use for a specific project.  I like to have what is generally known as “a stash.”  Let’s define that, shall we? stash- noun. def: a collection of stuff lying in wait to take any crafter, quilter, knitter, seamstress, or any other hobbyist by surprise whenever the muse strikes.  note: many hobbyists use their stash as inspiration for shopping rather than

De-Cluttering the Schedule: Or how to have an 8 day week!

Years ago, a friend of mine and I used to order all of the recorded sessions of the CHEA (homeschool) convention.  One year, we both listened to a workshop on how to create a “Reality Schedule” so much that I think I remember it breaking.  The premise was that we try to pack too much into a finite schedule.  So she had us create a weekly calendar with hourly slots and put in the absolutes–sleep, eat, take care of children–whatever

365 Days of De-cluttering???

Let’s face it.  Most of the western world has too much STUFF.  And, most of us know it.  We often want to de-clutter, but we can’t because we don’t have the time.  Sure, there are other reasons, but the number one that I often hear is how there is no time.  It’s the thing that keeps ME from it. How’s 15 minutes a day.  Fifteen minutes.  Almost all of us can cut 15 minutes from our schedule.  Shorter shower, bring

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 5

Note: There is a new widget on this post. Feel free to reenter. I’ve deleted the other campaign. Our family has a Thanksgiving tradition.  We play games. Master Detective Clue, Bang!, Bananagrams, Scrabble, Risk, Stratego, Sorry–you name it.  And sometimes we put together puzzles.  But, let’s face it.  No one likes to play games that have missing pieces or puzzles that have oddly shaped holes in the middle. Who wants to dig through games no one has played in ages

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 4

  Day Four: The Dining Room Remove everything from surfaces and place on table. Shelves, cabinets, everything. Consider removing extraneous furniture. Do you have a plant stand in the corner with dead plants on it because you can’t KEEP them alive to save YOUR life? Say bye bye! Decide what actually belongs in the empty places. Find them and put them back. Make sure you only put back what you REALLY want to own—what you REALLY use. What’s left on

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 3

Day Three: The Surfaces Remove everything from every surface in the room (counter tops, cabinet tops, shelves, windowsill, anything that holds things and isn’t enclosed. Scrub down. Sort through everything you’ve removed. Do you use it often enough to justify owning? Does it have genuine “makes me happy” value? Would someone else really like to have it? Try to put back/away no more than half the stuff you removed if you have a cluttered kitchen. Bonus:  Inventory what you have

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 2

So!  How was day one?  Did you get anything done?  At the bottom, I’m sharing miserably embarrassing pictures of my before and after.  This is proof that I have no shame (or that I am dedicated to the cause of clutter eradication.  Either way… Today, we do the one part of the kitchen I hate the most.  I mean I REALLY hate it. Day Two: The Fridge Pull every item out. Remove all pieces that can be removed (shelves, drawers,

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 1

This time of year kicks off a lot of cooking and entertaining in many homes, so Kaye wanted to share her best tips for a quick and dirty de-cluttering sprint to make your upcoming festivities run more smoothly.  So… without further ado–but with a lot to do–let’s get started! Day One: The Pantry We’re going to clean out the pantry!  Now for me, it means the spice/bake cupboards because my daughter did the actual pantry (canned goods) the other day. 

Being Thankful for Less: A Challenge

As Thanksgiving nears, I know I’m not the only one who looks around her and is overwhelmed with the abundance of STUFF that lives with me. I’m thankful to live in a country where my needs are met and many of my wants are liberally bestowed. Seriously, I am truly thankful. One of my favorite quotes is, “Live within Your Harvest.” I try to remind myself of this all the time. I fail. However, each year when Thanksgiving comes around,

3 Quick and Dirty Steps to De-clutter FAST

Look, I’ve read all the books.  I know all the “right” methods.  I know about the three-box system:  Donate, Put Away, Toss.  I know about putting things in boxes in a shed for 3-12 months with a date on the box and then tossing on that date if you haven’t needed it by then.  I know about working clockwise or counterclockwise through a room, touching each item only once.  I know all the tricks.  Trust me. My problem?  I don’t

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