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Book Review: Layoff Reboot

Layoff Reboot: Okay, what am I doing with a book about  layoffs on a de-cluttering blog?  Well… I found out about this book today and decided to read it while it’s FREE.  I mean, it is an odd book to mention on this blog, isn’t it? But you know, when I saw the title, I realized that it has a broader application to reinventing your (workforce) career to doing what you really want to do. It can apply to a

1 Planner Giveaway and 3 Free Tips to Using One!

Links on this page may be affiliate links. So, the story goes like this.  Once upon a time, an author wrote about a gal who had clutter issues.  But… she just couldn’t let things end with removing the extra kitchen gadgets and clothing from their home.  No, this author is cruel–heartless. So, she added crafting to the gal’s repertoire.   That wouldn’t have been sooooooooooooooo bad but… um… the author found this planner. Erin Condren makes fabulous planners that are sooooooo

Introducing a New “PlanNerd!”

We have a winner!  Yes, we do!  My super-scientific random choice process produced a winner!  What is that process?  Well…. I close my eyes.  I scroll down from the top of the post.  I scroll up.  And down.  And up (I use the arrow keys with eyes closed. I promise those eyes are closed).  I scroll some more.  For the better part of a minute I’m up and down.  SOMETIMES that means that I actually have to do it again

Confessions of a Planner Junkie

I’m–er, I mean, Kaye’s at it again.  In the planner community, people have been chattering about these cool new Recollections planner inserts that you can get at Michaels.  Well, we live about 90 miles from the nearest Michaels, but i managed to find them on a trip out of town a month ago.  They didn’t have two of the options (Budget and Fitness) but I got the rest to check out.  Okay, wait.  That’s not totally true.  There was one

Today is National Pet Day

The humans will forget.  They always do.  I, however, will not forget.  I am an elephant–wait.  No.  Not that.  Nevertheless, I do not forget such important things as National Pet Day.  Where is my velvet cushion?  Where is the red carpet to said cushion?  Where is my crown of catnip and my squeaky  mouse?  Why do I not have a bowl full of fresh salmon and chopped chicken? I’ll tell you why.  The humans.  Even if they did not forget,

Flash Giveaway: **Winner Chosen**

It’s no secret that I love planners.  So, when I found out that one of my favorite stamp companies, Papertrey Ink, had a new planner come out in February, I decided to try it.  I mean, if I loved it, I could give away my Plum Paper Planner, and if I didn’t, I could give away this planner. Well, I do love the planner.  I really think it’s a fabulous design.  I love the features it offers–particularly daily pages.  I

5 Ways to Sabotage Your De-cluttering

Or: An Update on My Progress Okay… so we’re on day eight of this de-cluttering journey.  I know I’m not supposed to be doing Sundays, so this should be day seven, but if I don’t do every day, I’ll get mixed up.  It’s how my brain works.  I’ve learned a LOT about myself during this process.  Okay, learned is probably stretching it a bit.  I’ve rediscovered things about myself that I try to forget.  Ahem.  Yes, I should try to

Stuff and Nonsense: AKA “Craft Supplies”

I can’t be the only one.  Unlike Kaye, I don’t have a streamlined craft selection of only what I will use for a specific project.  I like to have what is generally known as “a stash.”  Let’s define that, shall we? stash- noun. def: a collection of stuff lying in wait to take any crafter, quilter, knitter, seamstress, or any other hobbyist by surprise whenever the muse strikes.  note: many hobbyists use their stash as inspiration for shopping rather than

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