5 Ways to Sabotage Your De-cluttering

Or: An Update on My Progress

GettyImages_525366417Okay… so we’re on day eight of this de-cluttering journey.  I know I’m not supposed to be doing Sundays, so this should be day seven, but if I don’t do every day, I’ll get mixed up.  It’s how my brain works.  I’ve learned a LOT about myself during this process.  Okay, learned is probably stretching it a bit.  I’ve rediscovered things about myself that I try to forget.  Ahem.  Yes, I should try to overcome. I know better than to bother anymore. 😉

Onto the list… Sabotage.  (For reference, remember this was a CRAFT de-cluttering challenge for me).

  1. Stuff is Stuff: Eradicate!  Since your craft area is part of your bedroom (for those lucky *cough* enough to have it so), get side tracked by your closet and pull out a bag of clothes instead of wading through your obscene stamp collection.  Repeat with daughter, accessories, etc.
  2. Be sure to order stuff just before you take on said project.  This has the doubly fabulous effect of both adding to your craft clutter and giving you more projects to boot! (okay, to be fair, I would order the same things today.  I bought adorable embellishments that just took making birthday cards for my readers to a super fast and cute level.  I need both!
  3. Start a whole new hobby or two! Just before I started this, I decided to try needle felting.  And I did.   But while looking for supplies, I found this adorable little fox kit.  I wanted to make him.  But the kit was out of stock.  So, while de-cluttering my craft stuff, it came back in stock and did I resist?  Um, NO!  LOL.  Additionally, I fell in love with dolls that another crafter makes.  I knew my daughter, granddaughter, and their little girlie friends would have a BLAST with these dolls.  So guess who bought a small tote full of old dolls and supplies?  Ahem.  Watch Fairbury Tales for updates.  I think we’re calling our little family of dolls “Finley Friends.”  Maybe Willow-the-Wisps!  Something cute.  🙂
  4. Put a writing deadline in the middle of the project so you feel like you have to choose commitments to others over commitments to yourself.
  5. Allow yourself to become sidetracked by all the projects you’d forgotten about.  The pictures your aunt sent you–GET THEM IN THE ALBUM YOU BOUGHT.  The pillow form you bought–MAKE THE PILLOW.  The pile of “to be laminated” things that surfaced–LAMINATE NOW!  You get the picture.


But I will prevail.  I will.  I’m going to get this done.  Today’s “bag” is actually a small priority box.  I’m going to fill it with goodies and mail it to a planner junkie like myself.  It’s nothing much–but it does help shrink the pile of STUFF that needs to be eradicated from my home. And isn’t that the point?

I think I’m going to add a bonus:  3 Things to Remember While De-cluttering

  1. Be easy on yourself.  The point isn’t to break de-cluttering records.  The point is to end the 40 days with a lighter heart and house.  One thing gone meets that goal! If you burden yourself with the process, you’re just bringing in more junk–into your heart and soul.  That’s not progress.
  2. You WILL see progress.  Like many things, it might look worse in the beginning, horrible in the middle, but by the end you will notice a difference–if you stick to it!
  3. Interruptions are not cancellations.  If you find that you got sick three days into the challenge.  That doesn’t mean you can’t finish.  Even if you don’t add on days to make up for it, you can STILL finish the rest.  This isn’t an all or nothing thing.



  • Lucinda

    Well….if you find things that just don’t fit into any other category, toss ’em in a box and ship ’em my way. I promise not to ship back anything that isn’t made into an actual “something”……just sayin’ 😉

  • Lois

    Kaye, I love your Purlock favicon. Chautona must have had something to do with that, because I can’t imagine you putting Purlock anywhere on your site! But I do see his paw prints around here sometimes, so maybe Purlock sneaked in and added the icon while he was pawing around the site. Whoever came up with the idea, it’s genius!

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